The holder of all rights for the web page is the Sunscreen d.o.o company. By means of said page, Sunscreen d.o.o provides the service of sale via its web shop. It is deemed that the use of the service and all associated pages and services at the domain means that the customers are aware of these Terms of Sale (hereinafter: the Terms) at all times, and that they understand them and agree to them. These Terms apply to the rights and obligations regarding the purchases of products or services via the web shop, and the rights and obligations arising from entering into the Distance Sale Contract (hereinafter: the Contract) between the user as the final customer and the Sunscreen web shop, and are deemed to be integral parts of such contracts. The provider of internet sale services via the Sunscreen web shop is Sunscreen d.o.o, Petrova 131, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. The users should take note to familiarize themselves with these Terms and to regularly check them so as to be aware with all of their rights and obligations. Sunscreen d.o.o reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without prior notice and will not be held liable for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. Said changes become effective by their publication on these web pages. Sunscreen d.o.o reserves the right to terminate the service and change the content as well as other services and sub-pages that are integral parts of Sunscreen web shop at any time without prior notice and will not be held liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes. Said changes become effective by their publication on these web pages. Sunscreen d.o.o reserves the right to change, restrict or terminate the provision of the Sunscreen web shop services at any time without prior notice, including in part, or may fully restrict access, as well as the provision of certain services to users who violate the provisions of these Terms and the General Conditions of Use. The purchased products are used on one's own responsibility. Sunscreen d.o.o fully waives any responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of all information and content on Sunscreen d.o.o reserves the right of errors in descriptions and images of products.

TERMS OF SALE for contracts negotiated away from business premises and distance contracts

- this includes orders made via the Sunscreen web shop, by telephone, fax or in writing with selected delivery to the customer's address.

I) Conclusion and termination of contracts negotiated away from business premises and distance contracts

These Terms, as well as certain terms of sale indicated with the information on given products, represent the offer by the Sunscreen d.o.o. company for conclusion of the Contract, and the user, in the capacity of the customer, accepts them by their registration, by making the order or in some other way as defined in these Terms, which is deemed to be his request to conclude the Contract between the user and Susncreen d.o.o. in accordance with the terms of sale defined in these Terms. The scope and commercial purpose of the Contract is the purchase of a selected product or service via the Sunscreen web shop with payment of adequate fee – price of the product or service. The Contract is concluded by means of distance communication (Distance Contract), viz. by: printed promotional material with order forms, telephone with or without human intervention, and via the Internet.

The customer has indicated the intention to conclude a purchase agreement by selecting the payment and completing the order as a guest user of Sunscreen web shop.

The Contract becomes effective and binding at the moment when Sunscreen confirms the availability and price of goods, and, depending on the payment method, authorizes card payment, and sends the official binding offer for payment by transfer order or sends the invoice to the customer with a notice on the time of dispatch of the consignment. The Contract does not become effective by the mere completion of an order and receipt of automated message on its making by the Sunscreen web shop system, because the availability, price or specifications of the goods can change at the moment the order is completed. The price availability of the goods is confirmed only by the official binding offer or the issued invoice.

a) If the customer selects delivery of goods by courier service, the contract becomes effective at the moment when the Susncreen d.o.o. employees furnish the customer with the invoice by e-mail, fax or post. In this case, it is regarded as a contract negotiated away from business premises or a distance contract.

b) Following the completed order (the user's expressed intention to conclude the Contract), the user will receive the Confirmation of completed order, i.e. a pre-contractual notice under Article 57 para 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 41/2014), these Terms and a notice on the user's right to unilateral termination of the Contract with a form for unilateral termination of the Contract under Article 61 paras 1 and 2 of the Consumer Protection Act.

c) The user can unilaterally terminate the Contract within 14 (fourteen) days without giving any reason. The user is not entitled to unilateral termination of the Contract: - if the service is completely rendered, and the rendering was initiated with his explicit prior consent and his confirmation of being aware of the fact he would lose the right to unilateral termination of the Contract in case of complete rendering of the service, - if the scope of the Contract concerns sealed goods not suitable for return for health or hygienic reasons, if unsealed after delivery, - if the scope of the Contract concerns goods inseparably mixed with other items after delivery, due to its nature.

In order to be eligible for exercising the right to unilateral termination of the Contract, the user must submit a request for termination of the Contract in writing before the period expires at the following e-mail address:

The form for unilateral termination of the Contract, available on the Sunscreen web pages, can be completed and sent electronically by the user, in which case Sunscreen d.o.o. will acknowledge the receipt of the notice on unilateral termination of the Contract by electronic mail within one working day. The deadline for unilateral termination of the Contract is 14 (fourteen) days from the date the user or a third person as specified by the user, excluding the carrier, is given possession of the goods under the scope of the Contract, or, in cases of services, from the conclusion of the Contract. If the user fulfills the requirements for unilateral termination of the Contract, he will be refunded, including the delivery costs, without delay, no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date Susncreen d.o.o. and/or Sunscreen receives the user's notice on unilateral termination of the Contract, except in cases when the user's choice of delivery was other than the cheapest standard offered delivery. The refund will be made in the same manner as the user's payment. Susncreen d.o.o. can make the refund only after the goods are returned to it or after its receipt of evidence that the goods were sent back. The user must furnish the goods or send it to the address Susncreen d.o.o. Petrova 131, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, without undue delay, and in any case not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of his notice to Sunscreen d.o.o. on unilateral termination of the Contract. The direct expenses of return of the goods must be borne by the user himself. The users are kindly asked to contact the Sunscreen help desk prior to termination of the Contract for instructions on the return of goods. The user is responsible for any impairment of goods resulting from its handling, except for that required to determine its nature, features and functionalities.


Sunscreen d.o.o. undertakes to respect the anonymity and privacy of the users of Sunscreen shop, and will use and process such data solely for the purpose as defined by these Terms. Sunscreen d.o.o. can collect the users' personal data, such as the name, address, VAT number, telephone number or e-mail address, only if the users voluntarily communicate them to Sunscreen d.o.o. Sunscreen d.o.o. will use such data solely to fulfill contractual obligations and to better understand individual requirements, habits and requests of the users, as well as to facilitate further development and improved overall services of their brand Sunscreen. Sunscreen d.o.o. collects, processes and publishes user data related to the usage of the Sunscreen web shop without revealing the users' identity and/or personal data enabling such revealing of their identity. Sunscreen d.o.o. collects and records information on the users' IP-addresses (Internet Protocol Address) or computer locations for the purposes of system administration, troubleshooting, confirmation of downloaded content or improvement of technical aspects of Internet services. Sunscreen d.o.o. will use automated recording of data on the usage of the Sunscreen web shop by the users, and, inter alia, the log file on visits of respective pages and/or content. Sunscreen d.o.o. will use such data solely to improve its services and to adjust and individualize promotion activities according to each user's requirements. Sunscreen d.o.o. does not record your credit card number nor stores transaction data. For credit card payments, Sunscreen d.o.o. uses third party service of an authorized bank, which protects your data by means of encryption.


By registering you agree that Sunscreen d.o.o. may, for the purpose of promoting the service and products, inform you by e-mail of changes or added content to pages, discounts, special prices, products or changes in the manner of provision of services. The user may revoke said consent at any time.


This paragraph contains the terms and conditions that govern the website Sunscreen d.o.o. publishes information on its website to provide a service to Users, but declines any responsibility of the possibility of eventual technical inaccuracy and/or typographical errors. Once notified, will execute an immediate correction. Sunscreen d.o.o. also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the website when necessary without giving prior notice. Sunscreen d.o.o. does not offer any guaranty that the information published on its own website, is in conformity with the laws of the User’s competent jurisdiction., the website of Sunscreen d.o.o., is a protected website according to international Internet standards which, if used correctly, Users can be reassured not to encounter viruses. However, Sunscreen d.o.o. declines any responsibility from eventual problems, damages, viruses or risks that the User may incur during the misuse of the website and declines any responsibility from eventual faulty operations of the website due to the deactivation of “cookies” in the User’s browser. Users must accept the terms and conditions of this legal notice, and must be sure to visit these pages periodically for updates, changes and corrections. By using the user agrees to respect and act upon all the terms and conditions in this document and all other policies on Users who do not accept these terms may be asked by to refrain from using the site. We urge users to check back often and stay up to date on the latest updates and legal issues. The use and access of is for personal use only.

Company details

Sunscreen d.o.o.

Company name: Sunscreen d.o.o.

OIB: 51821977274

Head office: Petrova 131, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Full company name: SUNSCREEN d.o.o. za proizvodnju i trgovinu

Court register: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu

EUID: HRSR.081170842

Temeljni kapital: 20,000.00kn uplaćen u cijelosti

Founder: Petar Miličević


IBAN: HR2323600001102691979

Zagrebačka banka d.d..

Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb